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Joe Humphrey, founder of HRS, worked in the police force for several years. He served with two different departments throughout those years which later lead to him being promoted to detective. After enjoying his years with the force, he decided to branch out on his own. This decision brought forth the opportunity for him to become involved with Wind Energy Companies. He began assisting in the transportation of windmill tower sections and was later approached and asked if he would be interested in providing security for the sections to ensure that they would be protected from any harm, theft, or vandalism. Joe, willing to take on any opportunity, said he would be the man for the job and at that very moment Hard Rock Security was born.

Wind Farm

As a former police officer, Joe possesses the knowledge and skill it takes to prevent crime before it ever takes place. Bringing forth his attitude and experience to Hard Rock Security is what makes his company and team of individuals the right and #1 choice for serious transportation security jobs. We make sure that the services provided meet the highest of standards and that our customers are 100% satisfied.

Hard Rock Security's main headquarters is located in Hattiesburg, MS. Our team is able to provide security anywhere across the continental US. We can bring forth any level of service, from one officer to as many as your demands request. HRS realizes that the quality of service relies a great deal on the quality of personnel within our company. Because we want to provide nothing less than the very best for your security needs, we thoroughly screen each applicant to ensure that only the most qualified officers make up our team here at Hard Rock Security.

To learn more about working with Hard Rock Security on your next project, feel free to Contact Us anytime or Request an Estimate to find out how we can help you.


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